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Raevyn Berg

A colorful pilgrimage with your inner child...

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Small Strokes

Artist Statement

A quote from one of my mentor's rests with me, subconsciously at first, when she said: "Do not paint with rainbows."


You can see how well that went. Clearly, I broke the rules! Every painting is a literal rebellion.

Yet, I come to realize, it's not all about breakings. It's about that discovery of the "Inner Child."  I pull out what I was conditioned to hide, as we were all told to hide as we aged. When I paint, I have youthful fun - I sing, I dance, I splatter paint and let the colors escape the lines in dips and drops! I do not let rules stand in my way throughout the creative process. Children flock to my work because they are drawn to the vibrancy that my paintings capture, as their little minds still view the world openly as colorful and wonderful, with honest innocence. 


 Though my art, I can share the way into awakening the "Inner Child" within you.

Enjoy the color, live in it, thrive in it, and be okay with loving it!

I'm giving your inner child permission - it is okay to love vibrant, colorful, bright, childish fun.

Small Strokes