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Artist Bio

Raevyn Berg is a passionate and talented artist hailing from Calgary, Alberta, and currently residing in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Her art is a reflection of her inner child, a celebration of the unbridled imagination that we often lose as we grow older. Raevyn's work is characterized by bright color palettes, dynamic mark-making, drips, inks, pastels, crayons, acrylics, and oils, which combine to create a stunning visual feast for the senses.

Raevyn has honed her craft through dedicated study and practice, including completing the Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute. She has also competed several times in Art Battle, a live painting competition where artists are given a limited amount of time to create a masterpiece in front of a live audience.

One of the most striking features of Raevyn's work is its ability to connect with children. Her art awakens the inner child in all of us, reminding us of the joy and wonder that comes with exploring our creative potential. Whether she is creating whimsical creatures, fantastical landscapes, or abstract compositions, Raevyn's art never fails to captivate and inspire.

Raevyn's work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Alberta and has garnered a dedicated following of art enthusiasts and collectors. Her unique style and playful approach to art have made her a rising star in the Canadian art scene, and she continues to push the boundaries of her craft with each new creation. 

Artistic History

Raevyn Berg's CV

June 2021 - November 2021

Levelling Up

An emerging artist in this growing community of artists, Raevyn Berg is a member of this group.

September 2018 - Current

Sylvan Lake Art Society

Member of the Sylvan Lake Art Society.

September 2019 to July 2021

Milan Art Institute Student and Graduate

A student of a year long Mastery Course, Raevyn Berg graduated from this US based art school July 2021.

July 3 to 4, 2021

Markerville Artist on the Avenue

2nd Annual Art Show in Markerville, once again a contributor and a vendor.

August 15, 2020 to June 22, 2021

Curiosity Art & Framing

My artwork was displayed in this new local Red Deer gallery.

September 25, 2020

Artist Alley & Tiny Museums

Put on by the local art coordinator through the town of Sylvan Lake this event took place all day and had participant artwork on the backs of doors as well as tiny artworks set up as a museum outdoor in a way to inspire during COVID-19.

August 8 - 9, 2020

Markerville Artist on the Avenue

I was a contributor and a vendor at the artists on the Avenue in the small town of Markerville, Alberta. We had amazing turnout and great weather. We had so much fun and we are excited to do it again in 2021.

June 20, 2020

The National Arts Drive

All across the world we were struck by a pandemic with COVID-19 and artists were unable to share their work as they normally had done in previous years. In a global effort to inspire with our artwork, artists from all around the world participated by displaying their artwork in front of their houses. I was a participant.

February 5, 2020

Helping Kids Soar Gala

This annual charity gala in Calgary, Alberta was to go ahead to support learning and education for special needs children. I’ve contributed by donating a piece of my artwork to the gala.

December 15, 2019

Lacombe Christmas market

I was a vendor for this Christmas art and craft market.

October 2019

The Heart of Feng Shui, Simply Put

A book by Anita Adrain on empowerment and living an abundant life, I was commissioned to design the art on her book cover. This book can be found online and is still in active print.

September 15, 2019

It’s Almost Fall Craft Show and Market

I was a vendor with two of my art friends and we set up a booth here in this art show indoors in red deer Alberta.

September 2020 - August 2021

Saving Grace Animal Society Fundraiser Dinner

On a farm in nearby Alex Alberta, two friends and I participated in a live painting to assist the fundraiser. Our paintings were auctioned off at the end of the night to contribute to the fundraiser.

September 6, 2019

CulinArt Event

Hosted by the art coordinator in Sylvan Lake, I was one of many artists to display our artwork inside of a local business providing culinary experiences for the public.

August 17, 2019

The Farm Studio and Friends Multiple Artists Show and Sale

I was a vendor at this outdoor art market situated on a farm just outside of Sylvan Lake Alberta, with several artists.

August 11, 2019


I was a vendor and also a live painter for this outdoor Red Deer festival.

July 27, 2019

Sundre Fine Art Expo

This was my very first market and I showed for the very first time as a vendor. I participated in a live painting competition during the art market as well.

May 11, 2019

3rd Annual Playscape Paint Party

Put on by the Red Deer Rotary Club, I was a last minute participant for this live painting fundraiser and my works auctioned off raised over $410 that night for this very important cause.

February 26, 2019

Art Battle #AB775

I was a participant and a finalist in this live painting competition.

September 14, 2018

1st Flannel and Feast Festival

Sylvan Lake put on a festival for public and invited artists that were local to the area to display their work. I represented the local Sylvan Lake Art Guild during this festival.

May to June 2018

Mental health awareness month

Local Rocky Mountain house hospital requested my artwork to be hung up for the mental health awareness month. This display was in the hospital for at least a month if not longer to help bring awareness to this issue.

April 5, 2018

Art Battle

Red Deer live painting competitor.

March 26, 2018

Art Battle #AB645

I was a live painting competitor for this event in Sundre Alberta. Although I did not win this event is when I started my Instagram, due to public interest.

February 16, 2018

Art Battle

This event was my very first time painting in public and during a live painting competition.

Contact The Artist

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Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada

1 587 223 2306

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