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Estimated 2000

Estimated 2000


Title: Estimated 2000

Medium: Mixed - inks, acrylic, spray paint, collage, oil.

Size: 28" x 30"

Red Number Species. Endangered. On the verge of extinction. Why?

Reason: Greed & Profit.

In 2017 - READ 2017 - the biologists studying Lemurs estimated about 2000 members of the Ring Tailed Species were left in the wild. I couldn't find any recent counts - help me out if you can! Post in comments.

... 3 years have passed. Do you think we as Humans changed enough to save these unique primates? .

Ring tailed Lemurs are reported in a decline of population due to habitat loss (shocker), but we humans are rapidly increasing. How can we be so careless?

It's my duty as an artist and a storyteller, to message to you, the Lemur's beauty, their uniqueness, and their dire situation. I will do this from now on with all the animals I paint.

Start researching what greed and profit are doing to our planet and everything that's living on it. Please. Awaken. We need to remove the evil.

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